HGB Build Information Pack (For personal use only)

Price £22.00 (UK pounds sterling)

If you want to build yourself a Home Gym Bed™ or convert your existing rack to a Smith machine using the barbell sliders then you can purchase a HGB Build Information Pack which consists of:

  • A 280 page comprehensive step by step PDF build manual to download
  • 3 hours of HD build videos to watch showing every step of the build
  • A parts list with links to where to buy

Custom profile parts
  • NEWThe DWG CAD files for all the custom profile parts (shown above) for the barbell sliders can now be purchased from the member’s area for an additional cost of £30. Note: the barbell sliders have been designed for 50mm x 50mm (2″ x 2″) square tubing and a standard 1″ (25mm) diameter barbell. Please email before purchasing if you have any other questions.

Please note: A good level of metalworking skills will be needed to build the Home Gym Bed / Barbell sliders. Some parts require turning on a lathe, welding, and accurate drilling.

What happens when you click the ‘Buy Now’ Button

After Paypal checkout has been completed, a secure link will be sent to your inbox containing your login details. Once logged in, you will then be able to access all the information shown above. You can login in anytime within the next 12 months using the login link at the top of this page or by following the link in the confirmation email.

Below is one of the build videos, there are another 34 to watch inside the HGB build information area