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DIY Cable Exercise Machine – Plans | Videos | Parts

DIY cable machine

The Home Gym Bed’s™ cable pulley system folds out in a matter of minutes. One end of the cable hooks onto the barbell and the other end is free to accept various bar configurations for different exercises, such as kneeling cable crunches – cable hammer curlstricep pushdownslat pull downsseated cable rows and cable shrugs.

As with the Home Gym Bed’s™ self spotting system, the cable pulley system also folds neatly away when not in use.

The video below is a brief montage of video clips taken from the build videos. It shows the construction of the cable pulley system for the Home Gym Bed™.

Plans/build manual and parts are available to build a cable pulley exercise machine. You can see all the various stages of construction for the cable pulley system by watching the build videos.

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