How the Home Gym Bed™ was invented

A few years ago, I was fat, unfit, and suffering from constant back and shoulder pain. I’d got used to being like it and pretty much accepted it was all part of getting older. Then one day I had a wake up call, an epiphany of sorts, and decided I was going to make some changes. So slowly but surely I started to turn things around. I got my diet in order and brought some weights and started working out.

Over the next couple of years I lost 84 pounds of fat and gained a decent amount of muscle. Eventually I was able to lift heavier weights, which was great, but this created a problem.

I need more space!

bedroom weight training
Bedroom gym equipmentI was finding it more and more difficult to workout effectively and safely due to the limited amount of space I had.

The only place I had available to workout was the bedroom, and then only a tiny area at the end of the bed, just enough room for a bench and that was about it.

I struggled on like this, until one day I whilst attempting a military shoulder press I badly injured my wrist. It was bound to happen, it was ridiculous trying to lift heavy weights in such a confined space. If only the bed wasn’t in the way I’d have plenty of room!

Then I had a light bulb moment:

What if I could fold the bed up out of the way?

Hang on… if I could do that, what about building a barbell stand that would fit to the underside of the bed?

And wouldn’t it be great, if I could somehow work out how to design a self spotting system to minimise the risk of any further injuries and to make it easier on my dodgy back and shoulders?

Hmm… and what about adding something to enable me to do cable exercises?

The cogs had started whirring

Being an experienced engineer and fabricator, I knew that I could design and build something like that.

So I set to work on the first Home Gym Bed™ prototype and over time I perfected the design, until eventually I arrived at the Home Gym Bed™ you see here today.

I’m so glad I acted on that light bulb moment because the Home Gym Bed™ has:

  • Revolutionised my workouts
  • Made my workouts more effective
  • Minimised the risk of injury
  • Maximised the use of space

After two years of continued use, I’ve been blown away with just how good the Home Gym Bed™ is.

“Now I have two rooms in one – a home gym and a bedroom!”

Do you need a Home Gym Bed™ ?

Knowing what a huge difference the Home Gym Bed™ has made to my workouts, I have decided to share the design with others who find themselves in a similar situation to the one that I was in.

Over the last year, I’ve put together a comprehensive How-to-Build a Home Gym Bed™ package. More information can be found at HGB Build Information Pack